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Founded in 2006 by Robert Gray, LB Gray LLC is representative of the learning and experience Mr. Gray obtained after more than 15 years in the revenue recovery industry.

Keenly aware of the negative public perception of collection and collection agencies, Bob conceived a sweeping change in the formation and positioning of a collection firm; his vision was based on the basic principal of treating people fairly and with respect.

The challenge was clear: Robert needed a law firm to see the same vision as he. He found such a firm, in Landman Beatty Lawyers. Their collaboration has resulted in the culmination of that vision.

At LB Gray, LLC the “Collector’s Pledge” is much more than a catchy slogan. It is the foundation upon which every member of the team is committed to the goal of facilitating positive change in the lives of those who may have experienced temporary setbacks in life-and to make a way, when it seems there is no way.