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The LB Gray Commitment

Dayspring LogoOur “LB Gray Gives Back” pledge underscores our committed contribution toward the effort to build desirable places to live, work and play. Our staff further embodies the spirit behind this calling, through their actions every day.

Dayspring Center

Dayspring Center is a Family Emergency Shelter, a critical resource for homeless families with children. We not only address a family’s immediate need for food, clothing and safe shelter, but more importantly, empower them with the tools and resources they need to become a strong, healthy family again.

At Dayspring Center, our staff works with the entire family addressing the issues that led to their homelessness then develops a plan that will put them on a path to live independently. In 45-60 days, most families are ready to exit the emergency shelter program and move into a place of their own.

Since the thirty-plus years the doors opened at Dayspring Center, there have been many successes – over 4,500 families, including 12,000 children have found their way home again. Dayspring is a nonprofit organization committed to combating and preventing family homelessness in central Indiana.